Exiled - SunRunner
Here's the illustration I created for California Synthwave group SunRunner for their debut LP "Exiled" I received a Sci-Fi / Cyberpunk story prompt for this commission. I whipped up 4 sketches to try and achieve the look. Finally settling on the rag-tag crew looking out of their ship window towards their old home planet.

The prompt:

[An exiled civilization returns to its home planet after they were defeated in a large scale battle. They have trained for 200 years to take their home planet back. Many generations have been born and died in space without seeing the planet. Lore has been passed down to the warrior generation who will take the planet back. Then evil aggressors who possess the planet now are portrayed as grotesque monsters serving none but their own. Brutal and savage who spend every waking moment planning an attack to eliminate the exiled beings. Our protagonist has trained their whole life. graduated with top honors, and has recently been given command of 50 fighting soldiers. They will be part of the scouting force. The time has come.]

Nearly 8 earth months in travel, they have finally arrived. Looking out the window, through quiet glass, to an even more silent Earth. This is it. Curiosity looms, 6 generations have waited for eyes on the blue planet. The team will play a small role in the touchdown on the planet, identifying key targets for the initial wave of marines to attack.
Line Art
Base Line art for the project.
Sketching // Process
Refinement of the original thumbnail.

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