The Aqueous Speaker
"Water is the living history of the Absu. Oceans, rivers, clouds — sweat, tears, waste. Cycling endlessly into new forms, new experiences, though always returning to old traditions. All water has been all things; the world is old enough to allow this, say the Absu. To die is to return to the ocean Beneath All Things and allow Ki — the island on which all men walk — to float upon you, and all others like you.

The greatest Absu tradition is this: Once a year, the tribe allows the Great Fire to trespass upon Ki, for fire is good. It burns away sickness, subversion and sin. But fire's nature is greedy; soon it takes too much. The tribe sends up lanterns to call for aid, and the Speaker rides a large balloon into the sky. And there they lure the mighty Oan, the fish-like gods of the Absu, with a jet of water — living history, the story of the Absu. The Oan love the stories, old and new, and they bless Ki with abundant rain to chase away the Great Fire."

Art by Taylor C Adams
Story by Benjamin Nunnally

4800 x 4800
400 DPI
Line Art
Base Line art for the project.

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